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<b>Null</b> alleles of ocm results in decreased cell numbers in the fly eyes.Different ocm alleles were assayed for cell viability in Drosophila eye. (A-B) ocmS1590F, a weak hypomorphic allele of ocm does not affect cell growth. Other hypomorphic alleles, ocmG1646E and ocmV1286D were also tested but they are indistinguishable to ocmS1590F (data not shown). Increasingly severe alleles (CâD) ocmV1334D, (EâF) ocm166Î11 bp ( allele) result in fly eyes dramatically reduced in size. Jolivert Safe Water for Families safe storage container and sodium hypochlorite bottle (Source: Michael Ritter, Deep Springs International, Léogâne, Haiti). Histology of adult Vangl2Lp/+ kidneys. (A and B) PAS staining of 4-week-old Vangl2Lp/+ mice kidneys show a normal appearance with no scarring. Expression patterns of synaptopodin (green in C and D) and nephrin (green in E and F) were similar in wild-type and heterozygous glomeruli. (G) Reduced glomerular numbers per kidney in Vangl2Lp/+ mice (n = 4) versus wild-type littermates (n = 4). No significant differences in the ratio of urinary albumin/creatinine (H) or retinol-binding protein (RBP)/creatinine (I) were found between Vangl2Lp/+ and Vangl2+/+ mice. Scale bars = 15 μm.
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